New Positions and New Faces of the

Colorado State USBC Board 2017-2018

New President * Colette Amato

1st Vice President * Jann Theilgaard

2nd Vice President * Dennis Wacker

New Association Manager * ​Norm Reichen 

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CHAMPIONS – Senior Ladies, Senior Open

On behalf of the Board, we would like to congratulate all the winners of our annual Senior Tournaments.

A special recognition goes out to the Handicap All-Events winners who will be representing the state of Colorado at the National Senior Championships being held in Reno, Nevada.

The dates are being changed, we will share this information as soon as we receive the update.

Senior Ladies:

Class 1 – Nina Templeman, Class 2 – Barbara Whitehead, Class 3 – Charlotte Winklepleck, Class 4 – Karen Dembrun, Class 5 – Monika Shinaut,

Class 6 – Dawn Rotella

Senior Open:

Class 1 – Robert Newborn, Class 2 – Stanley Skerjanec,  Class 3 – Clarence Ellis, Class 4 – Greg Brown, Class 5 – Tonya Hausser, Class 6 – Daniel Barr


The Spring Tournaments will be here before you know it! 

Entry forms will be sent out and made available at most bowling centers.

They can also be found on this website.

Your state Board looks forward to working for you to provide good times for you, your family and friends.

If you have any questions, be sure and contact us through the website.


Supporting Local Associations

When looking through our website, you may have found a tab for    ‘Other Tournaments’.

We would be happy to promote your local tournaments. Simply send the information to us through “Contact Us”.

If your local association has their own website, we may be able to set up a direct link.


Hall of Fame Nomination Deadline

All nomination forms must be sent in by January 1, 2018.

Remember, there are two categories:

Merit of Excellence and Meritorious Service. 

2018 Star of Tomorrow  

 Applications Due

 March 1, 2018!
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Hall of Fame Inductees

Norm Reichen


Stars of Tomorrow

Kayla Lamar

Taylor Ausec

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