Fundraising Committee Report     2018 - 2019

I would like to thank the State and Local Board members for running these various activities, committee members (Charity Easter, Dennis Wacker, Dianne Wacker, Michelle Wood, Ramon Bates, Shelley Moore), for their time and effort and to all the bowlers who purchased items. Our results for this past year are as follows.

Sales (Shirts, Towels, Pins,Ball Buffers): $9,163.00, 50/50  Raffles: $16,548.00
 Brackets: $3,133.00 (adult) and Tournament Entry Raffle: $1,453.00  Donation $200.00
Youth Brackets: $4,490.00 to SMART program as Scholarships
TOTAL  $34,987.00


Bowlers to Veteran’s Link (BVL)

Colorado State USBC                           $  1,000.00                   Norm Reichen, State Assoc. Mgr.
Colorado Mountain USBC                    $      82.50                    Terry Peckham,  Assoc. Mgr.
Ft. Collins USBC                                  $  6,054.00                   Roberta Martin,  Assoc. Mgr.
Gr. Denver USBC                                $  6,680.00                   Pat Mulqueen, Assoc. Mgr.
Gr. Pueblo USBC                                 $  1,200.00                   Colette Amato, Assoc. Mgr.
Mesa County USBC                             $  1,768.45                   Sabrina Honeycutt, Assoc. Mgr.
St. Vrain Valley USBC                         $  2,493,92                   Denise Finley, Assoc. Mgr.
Total:                                                  $ 19,278.87

Bowl for the Cure

Colorado State USBC                           $  1,000.00                   Norm Reichen, State Assoc. Mgr.
Greater Pueblo USBC                           $     300.00                   Colette Amato, Assoc. Mgr.
St. Vrain Valley USBC                         $     522.00                   Denise Finley, Assoc. Mgr.
Total:                                                  $  1,822.00     

Other Charitable Organizations

LaPlata County USBC                          $  1,000.00                   Peggy Taylor, Assoc. Mgr.
            Grand Jct. V.A Hospital

Greater Denver USBC                          $  1,758.00                   Pat Mulqueen, Assoc. Mgr.
            Denver Veteran’s Hospital

Chaffey County USBC                         $  3,000.00                   Annette Stolba, Assoc. Mgr
            Homelake Veteran’s Center

Fremont County USBC                         $  2,109.29
            Bruce McCandless St. Veteran’s Nursing Home

Mesa County USBC                                                     Sabrina Honeycutt, Assoc. Mgr.
            Latimer House                         $  1,225.00
            Roice Hurst                              $  1.225.00
            Wounded Warrior Project         $  1.225.00      

St. Vrain Valley USBC                                                 Denise Finley, Assoc. Mgr.
            Meal on Wheels                       $     522.00
            Safe Shelter                              $     447.25
         Hopelight Medical Clinic          $     447.25      
Total:                                                  $ 12,958.79

Total amount of money donations reported:         $34,059.66

Respectfully Submitted:  Jann Theilgaard, Chairman