The Colorado State Women's Bowling Association Hall of Fame was founded in 1984.  It was designed to provide appropriate recognition for those women who have played a major role in the development of the sport of bowling, throughout the State of Colorado through their individual and collective efforts, on and off the lanes, and who have contributed unselfishly their time and talents for the betterment of the game.

D=Dedicated Service

M=Merit of Excellence

Y=Youth Leadership

*= Gone but not forgotten

Historical Women's Bowling Hall of Fame

Joan Bender                 1984    M   Arvada
*Marilyn Lauridsen          1984    M   Greeley
*Martha Redman              1984    D   Canon City
*M. Jennivine Sellers       1984    D   Denver
*Trudy Todd                 1984    D   Denver
Beverly Jean Francis        1985    M   Colorado Springs
*Gertrude Neumann           1985    D   Fort Morgan
*Murna E (Adams) Anderson   1986    D   Grand Junction
*Peggy Simmons              1986    M   Aurora
*Beverly Smith              1986    D   Fort Collins
Wilda Christensen           1987    D   Fort Collins
*Lillian Durocher           1987    D   Denver
*Irene Guiliano             1987    D   Florence
Judy D. Geilert             1988    M   Bailey
*Shirley N. Todd            1988    M   Fort Collins
Donna S. Fostvedt           1989    M   Colorado Springs
*Ila Herrin                 1990    D   Lakewood
*Maxine Rasmusson           1990    M   Fort Collins
*Ruth Skelton               1990    D   Colorado Springs
*Martha Allin               1991    Y   Colorado Springs
*Sylvia Bem                 1991    D   Denver
*Pat Landis                 1991    Y   Golden
Carol Mize                  1991    M   Pueblo
*Bonnie Roy                 1991    D   Glenwood Springs
*Dorothy Williams           1991    Y   Lakewood
*Mary Baker                 1992    D   Grand Junction/Pueblo
Barbara Haycock             1992    Y   Glenwood Springs
Lucy Henderson              1992    M   Colorado Springs
*Mary K. Snyder             1992    D   Colorado Springs
*Rose Tavella               1992    M   Denver
Matsuno (Mats) Ito          1993    M   Northglenn
*Ida Jones                  1993    D   Pueblo
*Amy Konishi                1993    M   Rocky Ford
Janice (Jan) McCartney      1993    M   Colorado Springs
*Georgene (Jean) O'Neil     1993    D   Fraser
LeOna Redden                1993    Y   Gunnison
*June Mayberry              1994    M   Commerce City
*Bonnie Scott               1994    D   Colorado Springs
Jackie Lowe                 1994    D   Colorado Springs
Sharon Powers               1995    M   Wheat Ridge
*Helen Bisulco              1996    D   Pueblo
*Betty DeKoevend            1996    Y   Denver
Debbie McMullen             1996    M   Denver
Avril Beattie               1997    D   Limon
Debbi (Pino) McCormick      1997    M   Aurora
*Mary I. Smith              1997    Y   Longmont
Vicki Fischel               1998    M   Wheat Ridge
*Louise White               1999    D   Durango
*Joyce Casseday             2000    M   Greeley
*Ruth White                 2000    D   Lakewood
Dotty Duniphan              2002    D   Parker
Loretta "Binky" Geisler     2002    Y   Loveland
Mutsu Osaki                 2004    D   Greeley
Marsha Morgan               2006    D   Fort Morgan
Janey Silver                2006    D   Durango
Carol Ann Smith             2006    D   Pueblo
Nina R. Templeman           2008    D   Limon
Barbara Valle               2008    D   Denver